Whether you are a current Heartside partner, new to the neighborhood or planning to do business, we thank you for your commitment to the city of Grand Rapids and appreciate that you choose the Heartside District!

Heartside is a development ready district, and the Heartside Business Association (HBA) members want to see your project succeed. To request a letter of support or an opinion about a project, you must come in front of the board and describe in detail your need.  Along with the presentation requirement, it is your responsibility to notify the neighboring stakeholders of the actions you plan to bring before the board. 

If you are interested in requesting a letter of support from our group, please read the detailed instructions below. When you are ready to start the process, email leadership@heartsidebusiness.org to schedule your community presentation during our monthly Heartside Breakfast Club Meetings. Please follow these requirements for presenting to the HBA:

  • Inform the HBA two months in advance of the hearing date to be added to the HBA agenda for the soonest possible meeting.
  • Review the legal criteria that will be used to evaluate your proposed project to whatever group you are ultimately seeking approval from. The HBA questions will fall in line with specific standards.
  • Notify all neighbors and businesses within a block of their project of the HBA meeting and time. Extend an invitation for city staff who oversee that department if a variance is being requested.
  • Be sure your project meets Grand Rapids Zoning Map requirements, fits the vision of the GRForward and Grand Rapids Master Plan recommendations.

When attending the Heartside Breakfast Club Meeting:  

A letter outlining your presentation, questions and considerations will be issued by the end of the Heartside Breakfast Club meeting. Please be sure to have a representative ready to stay for the duration of the meeting.

Please review and be aware of the following documents that the board will use in the evaluation process: